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Toccata Braille Music Translator Now Available from Opus Technologies

Opus Technologies is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Optek Systems of Australia to distribute and provide technical support in North America for Optek Systems' new Toccata Braille Music Translator software program. Toccata makes the process of transcribing printed music into braille easy for sighted teachers, parents, transcribers and aides, even if they do not know the music braille code. Toccata can translate music of any complexity, including single-line instrumental music, songs with lyrics, piano music, and orchestral scores.

Unlike older braille music translation programs that require the use of external software for entering the music or editing the translated braille, Toccata is a fully integrated system with its own built-in music notation editor and braille editor. Toccata uses intuitive musical symbol palettes to allow quick manual entry of notes and musical elements, with audio playback for immediate feedback. The program can also import music from MIDI files. As a bonus, the SharpEye optical music recognition program is included, allowing printed sheet music to be scanned, recognized, and edited, then loaded into Toccata.

Toccata automatically translates the entered music into braille, then displays it in a fully functional braille editor that supports 6-key entry. For ease of proofreading and editing, the music notation and the translated braille can be viewed simultaneously. The user has full control over the formatting and layout of the translated braille (e.g. bar-over-bar or section-by-section format, lyrics in Grade 1 or Grade 2 braille, etc.). Braille files can be embossed directly, saved for embossing elsewhere, or exported to other braille programs.

Toccata is available for US$795. Users of GOODFEEL (not GOODFEEL Lite) and Concert-O-Braille can upgrade to Toccata for a competitive upgrade price of US$595 with proof of purchase of the competitive product.

For users who do not yet need the full power of Toccata, Opus Technologies offers its own low-cost entry-level OpusDots Lite music braille transcription system. OpusDots Lite is designed to translate only single-line music for solo band instruments (e.g. flute, clarinet, trumpet) or orchestral instruments (e.g. violin, viola, cello). These are the types of music most often used in school music programs by blind music students. OpusDots Lite also consists of a music notation editor, a music-to-braille translator, and a braille editor, all integrated into one easy-to-use package. It does not use MIDI or optical music recognition, but instead uses a unique system of music entry, where the user scans the printed music, then enters the music manually by clicking on each musical element over the scanned image. The entered music is then translated automatically into braille in section-by-section format for solo instrumental music.

OpusDots Lite sells for US$299. OpusDots Lite users can upgrade to Toccata for a special upgrade price of US$495. OpusDots Lite is now also available in Australia from Optek Systems.

Based in San Diego, California, Opus Technologies has been developing and selling software, print, and braille materials for learning and using music braille since 1992. Customers include blind musicians and students, braille transcribers, parents, teachers and educators, and schools and libraries in the U.S. and around the world. Contact Opus Technologies at 13333 Thunderhead St., San Diego, CA 92129, USA, Phone/Fax: (858) 538-9401, Toll-free: (866) OPUSTEC or (866) 678-7832, email:, website:

This product announcement is available as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file (13KB).