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Music Braille Product Guide

We develop and sell braille music reference materials and braille tools for transcribers, proofreaders, educators, parents, and students.

Braile Music Reference Materials:

[-----] How to Read Braille Music, Second Edition.
The newest revision of a classic braille music text. CD-ROM, print, and braille. By Bettye Krolick.

Music Braille Code 1997.
The 1997 version of the standardized music braille code. Print and braille available.

New International Manual of Braille Music Notation.
Available in the CD-ROM, the print, and the braille version.

Primer of Braille Music.
The classic primer, written for younger students. Print and braille available.

They Shall Have Music.
One of the earliest braille music teaching texts. Print available.

Popular Sheet Music Available!
View our Sheet Music information page for available titles.

[New!]English Braille American Edition 1994
The American standard for transcription. CD-ROM.

Introduction to Braille Music Transcription.
An introductory text for braille music transcribers.

[New!]Music Literacy: Its Role in the Education of the Blind
A fascinating historical journey tracing the emergence of various musical notation systems for the blind in Europe and the United States. By Sylvia Clark.


Braille Tools:


[New!]OpusDots Lite.
A braille music transcription program.

A full-featured braille music translator.

Opus Braille Font Pack.
Seven true-type, scaleable braille fonts for Windows.


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