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English Braille American Edition 1994

Opus Technologies is pleased to announce that it has published English Braille American Edition 1994 on CD-ROM for Windows. Authorized by BANA, the CD-ROM edition contains the complete text of this literary braille code manual, including all the print and braille examples, and all the latest officially published updates. With the CD-ROM, both sighted and blind users can now access the manual interactively on a PC, without having to carry, handle, or leaf through the pages of the hardcopy print or braille manual.

Extensive hyperlinks make it easy to jump to any referenced topic or example. An index allows quick lookup of the braille equivalent for any word or contraction shown in the manual. A search feature allows the entire manual to be searched for all occurrences of specific words or phrases.

The CD-ROM requires Window 98 or later. It will run on Windows 95 if Internet Explorer 5.0 or later is also installed on the PC (Internet Explorer 5.0 is included on the CD-ROM). The CD-ROM can be used together with Windows-based braille transcription programs like Duxbury or ED-IT PC, or with DOS-based programs like MegaDots, MicroBraille or Pokadot when run under Windows.


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