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Opus Braille Font Pack

Create printed materials with braille characters...easily!
Seven high-quality braille fonts available in Windows
native TrueType format, for use with any Windows word processor or desktop publisher.

[Examples of 7 Opus Braille fonts available for Windows] Do you...

  • Create printed documents which require a mix of regular text and braille?
  • Proofread printed pages of braille and wish you could print BIGGER or smaller?
  • Want to print in ASCII format? In braille and ASCII?
  • Use Windows on your PC? WordPerfect 6.0 for DOS? or Microsoft Word 4.0 for DOS?


The Opus Braille Font Pack is for YOU!

Terrific for educators, braille transcribers, proofreaders, students, authors, presenters.... Used to prepare articles in the NBA Bulletin and the CTEVH Journal... Easy to install, easy to use!

Opus Braille Font Pack highlights:

  • Similar to embossed braille: each character occupies a fixed cell width
  • Scaleable: use at any point size
  • Standard ASCII encoding for the braille character set
  • Display and print ASCII text files from PokaDot, MicroBraille, MegaDots, etc.
  • Does not affect your line length or spacing
  • Can be bold, italicized, or underlined
  • Print on virtually any dot-matrix, inkjet, or laser printer

These fonts give you the ability to prepare high quality print copies of your braille materials, at virtually any point size and in any combination of braille and ASCII.


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