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How to Read Braille Music, 2nd Edition - Print

CD-ROM version | Print version | Braille version

Written at the fifth-grade reading level for blind music students, parents, and music teachers, this book is a fun and easy way to learn braille music. Published by Opus Technologies, 1998, 52 pages, ISBN: 1 - 892195 - 05 - 4.

[Print icon] This classic braille music text was first published in 1975. The new edition has an additional section for guitar chords. All of the vocal examples have been updated to reflect the latest changes in the braille music code. The material on "Resources" is completely new, and "Tips for Sighted Music Teachers" has been added. Useful for blind music students, their parents and music teachers. This book is a learning tool and an enduring resource for the reader of braille music.

[How to Read print cover]

How to Read Braille Music, Second Edition highlights:

  • known and cherished by braille music readers around the world
  • music symbols frequently encountered in elementary to intermediate music
  • concise explanations of braille music use
  • an index for identifying new symbols as they are found
  • multimedia CD-ROM and braille versions also available

About the Author. Bettye Krolick is an internationally recognized authority in the field of braille music. A volunteer transcriber, musician, teacher, and former President of the National Braille Association, she won the Migel Award for volunteer service in 1997. Bettye wrote the first edition of this book "after seeing the joy on the faces of several blind students who used my materials to learn to read their very own braille music."

Praise for How to Read Braille Music, Second Edition:

[Picture of a boy and girl singing] I am thrilled to update this book,
which I hope will continue to create enthusiasm for music
among blind adults and youth around the world.
- Bettye Krolick

A true standard! With the renaissance of braille music literacy,
this book should be part of every professional music teacher's library.
- Richard Taesch, Director, Braille Music Division
Southern California Conservatory of Music

A basic book for beginning braille music readers and their teachers...
has been used by hundreds of our music library patrons.
- Shirley P. Emanuel, Music Section
National Library Service/Blind and Physically Handicapped


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